Bosch Daredevil® Multi-Purpose Drill Bit Set

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Bosch Daredevil® Multi-Purpose Drill Bit Set

The MultiConstruction Drill Bit is a great you choice when you need a reliable accessory to drill in many different materials. You can use it to drill in granite as well as concrete, brick, soft tile, wood, and metal. Keep it in your toolbox: you won't waste time looking for the right drill bit!


  • Daredevil® Multipurpose Drill Bit Set delivers durability when drilling almost all types of materials
  • Upgraded multi-grind heads – deliver up to 85% faster drilling in metal than standard bits
  • Hex shanks and impact rated – allows use in impact drivers and hammer drill/drivers for added versatility
  • Sharp ground cutting edges – designed for advanced performance
  • Steep flutes with ribs – deliver fast material removal in multiple materials


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