BLUE BEAR® BEAN•e•doo® Mastic Remover - Gallon

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BLUE BEAR® BEAN•e•doo® Mastic Remover - Gallon

BLUE BEAR® BEAN•e•doo® 500MR Mastic Remover is a longtime favorite of contractors and remodelers. Our easy-to-use formula works on all types of mastic (even asbestos/black mastics) and carpet/tile adhesives – even if they’re decades old! Because it’s made with soybeans rather than petroleum distillates or other harsh chemicals, it’s ideal for use in schools, hospitals and other occupied areas.


  • Clean and restore concrete surfaces 
  • One gallon covers an average of 100 to 200 square feet 
  • Low-odor, low VOC

APPLICATION: Test in a small, inconspicuous area before beginning project. Apply sand barrier to protect any neighboring wood and drywall from absorbing product. Open windows to maintain ventilation of work area, since adhesive being removed may emit fumes. Apply BEAN•e•doo 500MR directly on concrete surface and spread with straw broom, long-handled brush or squeegee using light pressure. If applying to mastic with trowel ridges, cover all ridges with product. Allow BEAN•e•doo 500MR to sit until mastic softens. (Asbestos/black mastics will typically soften in one to two hours, and vinyl or acrylic mastics will soften in four to eight hours.) After mastic has softened, remove with a long-handled scraper or squeegee. Reapply if necessary.