BLUE BEAR® Emerge™ Degreaser - Quart

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BLUE BEAR® Emerge™ Degreaser - Quart

BLUE BEAR® Emerge™ 700DG Degreaser is a powerful, versatile cleaner that removes oil, grease, dirt and grime from a multitude of hard surfaces – without harsh chemicals. It is specially formulated to work with BLUE BEAR products, including our paint strippers and mastic removers, to quickly remove any remaining residue. Our professional surface cleaner tackles the toughest, dirtiest messes on the job site.


  • Works on concrete, metal, painted walls, asphalt and more 
  • Super-concentrated formula is easily diluted with water
  • Low-odor, non-caustic and biodegradable

APPLICATION: For general cleaning of hard surfaces: Mix four ounces of Emerge 700DG to one gallon of water.

For use with floor scrubbing machines: Mix one part Emerge 700DG to one part water (1:1 mixing ratio). 

Apply mixed Emerge 700DG freely to the floor or hard surface. Scrub surface to agitate and loosen oils, grease, dirt and grime.

For dirty tools: Soak tools in a tray or bucket with one part Emerge 700DG to one part water. (1:1 mixing ratio).